Work With Me

I am a mental health therapist specializing in helping individuals and couples managing chronic disease, grief and loss, infertility and neonatal loss. I use my background in art therapy to incorporate creative expression into healing work since the two often go hand in hand! I’ve always been an empathetic person seeking to help others. I am now especially mindful of sharing that same empathy and unconditional love with myself. Since experiencing some of life’s deepest despair, I come from a different place as a therapist – a more authentic place. I’ve lived the dark places and understand the contrasts of life.

I truly appreciate your visit to this space. We must find ways to address past traumas along with our relationships to our pain and ourselves. We can manage stress and incorporate healing practices into our daily lives to treat illness and suffering holistically. I’m honored to help you tend to the emotional health of your journey with loss, illness or whatever road you find yourself on.

Looking forward to connecting.