About Me

Benvenuti! I’m Sharon. Therapist, wife, mother and creator of American Bulldog in Rome. When my husband and I decided to move ourselves and our best bud from the Midwestern United States to Italy, we had no idea what was in store for us. We packed some, sold the rest, and set out for the next chapter in our lives. It began all gelato, espresso and grand monuments. I started a blog to share our experiences living abroad. We had no idea that with our greatest life adventure would be come our most profound challenges. After suffering through deep loss and a chronic autoimmune disease diagnosis, I’ve changed my life. For me this means eating a healing diet, prioritizing sleep and taking care of myself first – mentally, physically and spiritually.

Can Italy still be Italy without pasta, mozzarella and tomato sauce?! Short answer: yes. In the time I’ve lived here, my relationship with this gorgeous place has evolved from bright eyed, bushy tailed lust to a gritty, stick it out through and through kind of love. I’m learning to trust the evolving version of this La Dolce Vita.¬†Join me on this healing journey as I offer therapeutic resources, support and knowledge to those of you who may struggling. I believe that emotional health is a pillar of well-being and passionately channel my personal and professional experiences to help others heal.